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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Respite Among The Rubbish

Early start from Queensbury to Mixenden mostly in the rain; Raggalds has about 1 litre of water starting to appear but no birds.
Soil Hell was lousy: Ogden Plantation was crap. There was a moment of positive action on Ogden Res - a pr Common Sandpiper were mating on the N shoreline. A pr LBBG were on the buoy and the woods surprisingly active with WW, couple of Chiffs & 3 Blackcap.
The walk across to Stod Fold and then to Mixenden Res was diabolical but yet again I was able to confirm that Meadow Pipits do fly from bush to bush, putting to rest the rubbish laid down by the guide books of yesteryear.
The Res was chronic - 1 each Grey Wagtail & LBBG and mebbe a Swallow or two.

This paragraph contains nothing about birds ( rather like the first one really). I chose to wear my nuclear reactor jacket today which is a yellow mustard colour. It had a profound effect on a bunch of Cattle. First off was 850 kg of throbbing gristle Bull that stood up and legged it down the field. Second, the cows and calves came running up to inspect me, one brave girl venturing forth for a sniff or two. Meanwhile Bully was hanging on behind the Cows but lets get real, I had a fence separating him from me and I certainly wouldn't have gone in and called him a sissy.