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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Soil Hill Sunshine

SH Approx 0815 hrs on a glorious summer morning. Nothing spectacular which is what I expected as I give the entire hell hill the once over from top to bottom and then some.
6 Greenfinch including young which is good for this area. House Sparrows, 2 House Martin, Swallows. 1 Lapwing ditto Curlew but the Oystercatcher(s) have legged it.

I may have had a smidgin of singing Sedge Warbler down in the remaining juncus patch but the problem is many Linnets were also screechin and singing and I couldn't get enough on the notes the bird rattled out on 2 occasions.
A pr of Whitethroat are breeding in an area formerly known as a regular spot now rendered inaccessible during the week owing to the ongoing excavations. 2 other Whitethroat were singing in the usual places.

The bottom pond gave cause for confusion: 3/4 juvenile Moorhen were floating around and in the heat haze I couldn't discern if the Little Grebe from a previous trip was still there.
2 male Reed Buntings were seen as were a pr Mallard, 1 Pied Wagtail, Skylarks and plenty Meadow Pipits. One of the latter, a juvenile was just quick enough to prevent itself from having 194 lbs of solid gristle and brittle bone step on it in the thick grass.

3 Skylark singing in Old Guy Rd Queensbury.